Every Atlas - EP

by Every Atlas

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released September 6, 2014



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Track Name: Falling Backwards Up a Mountain
a house and a dead picture
a house and her eyes they remind me
her eyes remind me
won’t be here any longer
here any longer, any longer
still nobody, still no one lives
up here, inside it, mmm hide it


you might lock her eyes
any longer, longer eyes
and getting the revenge
and getting further and further
no show:
trust us lover
in acts for her wars

forgot where i been
leave me here tonight (leave my skin)
won’t wake me
burns fresh in my mind
blood thief (had to get away)
back where i’ve been
we get to not be backs to walls (not bring it up)
i turned it down at night
what’s some other, or any (body)

there’s good hiding
hurting and hiding (hurting and hiding)
get revenge, get her back, get her back
this is the earth that’s left of her path
and day out and day i see (i see)

one love, oh only hope to work out (this way)
you wonder, clean done, whats done to a rope (it will be)
i ran, you cut ‘em, hit ‘em, knuckle ups at ‘em
yeah? so?

listen to all the animals!
things that we’ve learned
things that we’ve heard
listen and I’ll hold it close!
pulls at my bones
heard you listen and wait
(heard you)
lies that we told
(heard you listen and wait)
oh some lies that end
(end end end)

your gonna be bringing
“i dreamed i’d be back,
blood on the old times”
finish my whiskey, clean my songs
where i’d be,
well i feel loss of coordination
(to be), so you don’t think
I’m full (alone) it doesn’t matter
i’m just sitting on the front dock rocking back,

leaving under and over
(under and over, over and)
Track Name: Who Will Save the Ones You Love?
who will save the ones you love
from everything that you have done?
neighbor to the price you pay
hope that is not the only way

i am fine
painted white
you were cleaning up your head

i was standing at the cliff
looking back on my anger
you said it started to show
i had to let it go

but who will save the ones you love?
who will save the ones you love?
i don't know how to give it up
i will save the ones i love
Track Name: Fragile Bones
i felt a cold wind
blow through my fragile bones
its' pulse and pigment
crystal kaleidoscope
i'm feeling angry
for no reason

i dug a deep trench
to put my body in
so when i've used it
its' purpose redirects
a little darker
than i am used to

but you see i had no choice
cause i have to
and i'm supposed to let it go

i sought a lost cause
a catastrophic mess
its' force and friction
left me with better sense
some kind of monster
i beckon back to

i let my wolf's mouth
fill up with liars blood
my teeth with fall out
straight past my silver tongue
i do not believe
in what i can't see

but you see i had no choice
cause i have to
and i'm supposed to let it go

so let it go
Track Name: Nightmare (Live)
sing me to sleep
there's comfort
in knowing that come morning you'll be with me
you bat your eyes
and show me those teeth
but there's a family of wolves in my bed
i haven't slept in weeks

and oh what broad shoulders you have
all the better to carry the world on my back
but now you better scurry
i know you're only here to hurt me

cold full moon face
greets me
every time i wake
and i try
to pull the covers up over my head
but this nightmare
has got bigger plans instead

a dream you can't shake
in the dark, in the rain
and you can't get away
save the day
and no one's getting out of here
no not alive

won't go away
and every time i'm drifting off
i see him staring at me
down the hallway of my place

sing me to sleep
Track Name: Patchwork (Live)
you're steaming and you're angry
at all those yeses, nos, and maybes
that your children had to live without
so you cut through the colored night
you're screaming at your daughter
saying, "come home with your father"
no, you haven't done your job yet
so you'll teach her wrong from right

and maybe she'll listen this time
you've got one chance to patch this one up
and it's tonight

you made it as a captain of
a boat out in the ocean
and you tell your men, from time again
to always do their best
you never settled or got married
cause you've seen how love gets buried
so you curse your kin
no thanks to him
that you got where you're at

but i hope you forgive him for that
your bitterness can keep you in a trap
Track Name: Haunting
dawns another day
coursing through your veins
the blood that boils and spits
and greets you every day
your eyes they're due to see
your heart it only grieves
you used to be so sure
what happened?

closing up your cage
to keep the wolves at bay
it never hurt so much
disdain and disarray
sleeping in the dirt
and coughing up your lungs
can you feel it in the air?
i can taste it
and it's haunting

we'll go when you say it's time
we're crossing over lines
and we curse our luck
and we'll show our faces in the light
we're haunting homes tonight
look under your bed

i swear i'm carved from bone
lend me your ears and you'll see
how it's supposed to be
my lungs fill up with smoke
it's a war, you're not alone
there are faces in the trees